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Water project for sale in Bangladesh

(Status: 1.10.2020)

We have received the following information about a planned sales of a water company in Bangladesh:

  • Location is in Bangladesh’s oldest SEZ, however, Company/Shareholder is/are Singaporean (transaction in Singapore);

  • Full exit- succession issues as main SH is 72%), however, willing to assist in handover (particularly contacts to other factories, notably 60% factories currently not treating waste water and 100 more SEZs);

  • Potential for growth with duplication of facility (modular concept) in other SEZs- cost for duplication depends on variables;

  • Non-exclusive mandate (including Deloitte), however, owner willing to formalize exclusive mandate with “right” investor;

  • Expectations: price of USD15 million for 100% equity.

Pease also refer to the documents in this LINK.

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