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water:hub Membership

Membership in the water:hub South-East Asia is available to both international and regional firms within the water sector that aspire to make a meaningful impact.


Through your membership in the water:hub South-East Asia you will become part of the community of like-minded water experts to meet and work on global water challenges. The hub provides a vibrant and collaborative ecosystem of Water Companies, promotes the development of fresh ideas and encourages water experts to join forces.

The water:hub South-East Asia is strategically located in Ho Chi Minh City, the perfect base for activities in South-East Asia, featuring close proximity to an international airport linked with all South-East Asian regions, other water industry players and emerging markets.

Services for members

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Construction Plans

Expanding your network

We provide, arrange or support activities to expand your professional networks, such as seminars for learning and sharing of best practices, workshops to upskill your workforce to address future challenges, as well as sales and marketing events.

Business support

As a member of the water:hub South-East Asia you will get to know accelerators and investors for your business expansion needs, enjoy state-of-the-art office Infrastructure and make use of well-equipped rooms for your business conferences, meetings and seminars. And last but not least, our showroom provides space for displaying and introducing your products!

Business & Investment opportunities

South-East Asia is among the fastest growing regions worldwide, with water and sanitation projects being developed at high speed. While numerous projects offer investment opportunities for national and international developers, related consulting services and supply of M&E equipment are in high demand as well. For manufacturing components and equipment, the SEA countries offer excellent conditions and incentives, backed by a number of free trade agreements. Universities and research institutions are competent partners for your R&D activities.

Member benefits

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