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Upcoming Worldbank project in Vietnam

Dear members of the water:hub South-East Asia,

Attached an early information on an upcoming Worldbank project in Vietnam, titled “Binh Duong Water Environment Improvement Project (P173716)”

Specific investments under component 1 include:

  • Sewage collection and network expansion, including sewage pumping stations for Tan Uyen town and Thuan An and Di An cities;

  • Construction of a new wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) with first stage capacity of 20,000 m³/day for Tan Uyen town; and expansion of existing WWTPs for Thuan An and Di An cities with additional treatment capacity of 20,000 m³/day each

  • Re-construction of a drainage canal, around 1.4 kms in length, adjacent to the planned WWTP in Tan Uyen to support the safe evacuation and disposal of the treated effluent.

Plus there is a lot of consultancy and capacity building coming up.

Details in the attached project document.

We will keep you posted on the development, calls for proposals etc.


Vietnam P173716 PID Jan 2021
Download PDF • 259KB

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