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Call for Cooperation/ Proposal

EPC for potable water supply in Hanoi (Status: 10.8.2021)

Client is the investor for a residential area of 260ha in Hanoi. That area has finished construction phase number 01 and welcomed 1700 households living there. The area has an existing pumping station with capacity of 21.000m3/ day and night. Now the client wants to make a potable water supply system for this residential area. They are asking for consultancy, design options and construction of a centralized potable water supply system, supplying water to the apartments in their residential area.

If you are interested in this project, please contact Ms. Trang (

Please find more information in the attachment below.

cấp nước tinh khiết uông tại vòi KĐT Splendora
Download DOC • 10.59MB

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