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Water:hub Booth at the VIETWATER

(Status as of 3.2.2021)

We assume that there will be a VIETWATER trade fair in Saigon in November again (though nobody can predict for sure), and we are planning to have a water:hub booth.

We did a calculation on the costs covering the following services (and based on current fees and rates as charged by the VIETWATER organizer):

  1. A booth of 12 m², equipped with tables, chairs and a desk

  2. Catering service

  3. Water:hub staff representing exhibitors and available for technical discussions (Frank Pogade, Ms. Trang, N.N.)

  4. Printing and display of A0 posters for wall decoration as requested by the exhibitors (uniform design drafted by us)

  5. Display of company brochures, handouts etc.

  6. Marketing, mailings and invitations prior to the exhibition (by water:hub staff)

  7. Preparation and delivery of water:hub events (water:dinner, water:breakfast and presentations/ seminar)

  8. Translation/ interpretation services

  9. Follow-up service, tracking of contacts, etc.

The price per exhibitor depends on the number of companies participating:

  • Scenario I: 3 participants, cost for each participant is (EUR): 3400.-

  • Scenario II: 4 participants, cost for each participant is (EUR): 2600.-

  • Scenario III: 5 or more participants, cost for each participant is (EUR): 2100.-

Water:hub members will receive a discount of 10%!

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