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The Dutch Fund (DFCD) for Climate and Development open for business

(Status: 18.6.2020)

The DFCD will focus on several high impact investment themes, including climate-resilient water systems, water management and freshwater ecosystems, forestry, climate-smart agriculture, and restoration of ecosystems to protect the environment.

The fund will be structured with three separate but operationally linked facilities, each with a specific sub-sector focus and role across the project lifecycle.

Water Facility

Managed by Climate Fund Managers,, the Water Facility will also target investments that have graduated from the Origination Facility in sectors related to water and sanitation infrastructure, as well as environmental protection. The Water Facility will contribute to the development, construction and operational phases of projects within these sectors. To achieve this the Water Facility will provide development grants, equity for construction and operational debt. It will utilize the proven fund structure of Climate Investor One and will target a €50 million Development Fund, a €500 million Construction Equity Fund and a €500 million Refinancing Fund, known as Climate Investor Two. The Water Facility will also source opportunities from Climate Fund Managers’ external networks and will provide post-construction phase community development and Technical Assistance.

€75 million will be allocated to this window to be deployed in ~ 30 projects.

Origination Facility

Managed by World Wide Fund for Nature Netherlands (WWF-NL) and SNV Netherlands Development Organisation collectively, the Origination Facility is positioned exclusively for project identification and (pre-) feasibility development activities with a cross DFCD thematic sub-sector focus. This window will seek to leverage the landscape strategy for activity sourcing and develop opportunities into viable business cases for the two investment windows (as below). The Origination Facility will provide grant funding and Technical Assistance for its activities.

€30 million will be allocated to this window to be deployed in ~ 70 projects.

More information:

We have established a direct contact to DFCD in Vietnam. Get in touch in case you are interested in this facility:

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