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Roadshow on Innovative Water Solutions- A Resounding Success!

Organized by water:hub SEA with the participation of 2 member- HST Systemtechnik and Primus Line.

What an incredible journey it has been! 🌊 Hai Phong- Hanoi- Da Nang- Ho Chi Minh City- Can Tho

What did we gain?

🤝 Unforgettable Connections: We were honored to welcome professionals, water supply companies, wastewater treatment companies, industrial zones representatives and EPC contractors coming to our Roadshow, sharing knowledge, and building networks. We keep contact with all the connections forged during the event and do hope for more cooperation in the future.

🔬 Innovative Technologies: Thanks to the remarkable contributions of Primus Line and HST, we delved into cutting-edge solutions. Their groundbreaking technology in trenchless pipeline rehabilitation, and smart urban drainage management, and more left us in awe.

🗓️ What's Next? As we wrap up the "Water Road Show," we're not saying goodbye; we're saying, "See you soon!" The insights gained, partnerships formed, and the momentum generated will continue to drive us towards a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.

🙌 Thank You: To everyone who participated, organized, and contributed to this event, your enthusiasm and commitment made it a resounding success.

If your company wishes to have the same Roadshow event, contact Ms Trang for further detail:

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