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New World Bank Project getting started

(Status: July 2021)

The World Bank is currently developing a large-scale wastewater and sanitation project in Binh Duong Province, right next to Saigon. The Project Document is attached. The key figures are:

  • Total financing: 295m USD incl. 60m USD counterpart funding, to be implemented over a six-year period

  • Project investments focus on expanding municipal wastewater collection and treatment capacity in southern part of Binh Duong province, namely, Thuan An City, Di An City and Tan Uyen Town. The current sewage collection and treatment systems cover only a small portion of the urban areas13 and there is a critical need for infrastructure expansion. In addition, the project includes targeted activities to strengthening institutional and financial capacity for sustainable wastewater services

  • Setup: Executing Agency: PPC of Binh Duong, PMU: Binh Duong PMU + 3 district-level PMUs + Steering Board (MOC, MPI, DONRE, DOF, DOST, district reps)

  • O&M of infrastructure: will be carried out by an eligible private service provider selected through a public tendering process.

  • Component 1 (IBRD Loan: US$217.44 million; counterpart Fund: US$21.73 million): Wastewater infrastructure development supports the development of climate-resilient infrastructure which will expand coverage and improve treatment capacity of the municipal wastewater management system in the project areas. This will include civil and electrical/mechanical installations for sewerage collection, conveyance (including pumping stations and pressure lines), treatment, energy efficiency installations and facilities for safe disposal and / or re-use of waste biproducts;

    • Sub-component 1A: Constructing the domestic wastewater collection and treatment systems (IBRD Loan: US$173.52 million; Counterpart Fund: US$17.35 million): Sewage collection and network expansion, including sewage pumping stations for Tan Uyen town and Thuan An and Di An cities; Construction of a new wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) with first stage capacity of 20,000 m³/day for Tan Uyen town; and expansion of existing WWTPs for Thuan An and Di An cities with additional treatment capacity of 20,000 m³/day each.

    • Sub-component 1B: Improving urban flood resilience under climate change (IBRD Loan: US$33.34 million; Counterpart Fund: US$3.33 million): Reconstruction of a drainage canal, around 1.4 kms in length, adjacent to the planned WWTP in Tan Uyen to support the safe evacuation and disposal of the treated effluent.

    • Sub-component 1C: Results-Based Financing for sustainable wastewater and drainage management (IBRD Loan: US$10.58million; Counterpart Fund: US$1.06 million)

  • Component 2 (IBRD Loan: US$17.09 million; Counterpart Fund: US$36.24 million): Institutional strengthening and implementation support finances goods and services to enhance institutional and implementation capacity of the Binh Duong Provincial Management Board for Wastewater Projects (referred to as the Wastewater Management Board WWMB) for effective project implementation and sustainability of infrastructure investments:

    • Sub-component 2A (IBRD loan: US$ 1.87 million; Counterpart Fund: US$ 0.19 million): Technical assistance for a wastewater management strategy

    • Sub-component 2B (IBRD loan: US$ 15.22 million; Counterpart Fund: US$ 25.32 million): Project implementation support, capacity building, and coordination for COVID-19 response

    • Sub-component 2C (Counterpart Fund: US$ 10.73 million): Compensation and site clearance

A list of project related documents can be found here:

A procurement plan has not been published yet.

Download PDF • 310KB

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