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Be a part of a wider community and scale up your water business in the region


For members, the water:hub South-East Asia will render and perform

  • Provision of experienced national and international staff.

  • Provision of water-related market information, project and investment opportunities in South-East Asia.

  • Preparation and execution of events such as conferences, seminars, round-table meetings, study tours etc. under the trade mark “water:hub South-East Asia” and including the MEMBER COMPANY’s name and logo.

  • Developing the trade mark “water:hub South-East Asia” including respective PR and marketing activities. The trade mark “water:hub South-East Asia” shall include the logo, name and contact details of the MEMBER COMPANY. The water:hub’s website, publications, events, activities and sales promotions shall include the MEMBER COMPANY’s name within the term of the contractual agreement.

  • Marketing, sales and project identification activities including missions that require travelling within South-East Asia

  • Identification and negotiations with potential customers

  • Representation of the water:hub and its members towards national, regional and international organisations, associations, companies, investors, incubators, etc. in communication, personal meetings, conferences etc.

  • Regular reporting on the activities of the water:hub by means of individual meetings, reports, phone calls, mailings, online conferences etc.

  • Provision of office services including a working space for the MEMBER COMPANY’s staff (1 person) and the use of a meeting room in WSS’s HCMC office not exceeding 10 days a month.

  • Logistical support for obtaining visas, work permits, Temporary Residence Cards, hotel bookings and other logistical and administrational arrangements.

  • Supporting the elaboration of EOIs for national and international projects

  • Translation, interpretation and secretary services provided by WSS staff and to a reasonable extent.

  • Identifying and making available national, regional and international short and long-term water experts for the MEMBER COMPANY’s activities, Expressions of Interest, proposals, etc., if available.


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